How Duco Digital Helped Simon Reach Page One on Google

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Developing a commercial-looking website from a website template is sometimes not as easy as it looks. 

When Simon came to Duco Digital, he had accomplished a great deal in a short time period by reserving his domain name, purchasing a Wix website and hosting service, designing a logo, creating written content and establishing his social media presence.

However, running a business and creating a website at the same time can be very demanding, as it can be very time consuming and technically challenging.

Most website services such as Wix and Squarespace offer responsive design templates, meaning they work on all sizes of mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops. This is one of the important criteria which Google now use to rank websites. If a website is deemed incompatible to work correctly on a mobile phone, Google now impose ranking penalties, a fact which many business owners are not aware of and which can easily harm their visibility on search engines when consumers are looking for business services, as rival firms may list higher if their websites meet more of Google’s listing criteria, such as being fast loading and secure with an HTTPS certificate.

Simon chose Wix as they offer flexibility to move assets independently of the constraints of a given theme, such as Squarespace which offer limited options but for good reason.

Wix’s freedom provides a challenge as there is a need to create a consistent design and framework for the mobile viewpoint as well as a desktop viewpoint, which involves consistently checking each small amend looks correct in both the mobile viewpoint and desktop viewpoint i.e. the change in font size, placement of an image, or social media icons in one viewpoint against the other. We find this can result in a poorer user experience with assets such as images placed off-centre, squashed text and inaccessible links, which is why we recommend using Squarespace for a cleaner and friendly user experience. 

"For Simon, managing a business and developing a website was not only time consuming but technically challenging..."

For Simon, managing a business and developing a website was not only time consuming but technically challenging, as there are a number of hidden responsibilities involved such as writing clear and consistent content with appropriate keywords, to ensure the site is as highly visible on Google against established competitors; ensuring all images are titled correctly and using Alt tags (another good practice recommended by Google for partially sighted users), ensuring content is laid out with appropriate H1, H2, H3 headers, meta page descriptions and meta title tags are set in the recommended character ranges using keywords and appropriate descriptions; setting up Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google My Business, and then researching and planning regular content for his audience on his website, and social media accounts.

Duco Digital assisted Simon by understanding his business vision and goals, transforming his site from a technical challenge to a commercial success, which when the website and social media launched, helped him acquire his first customer within a few days. 

When handing the website back to Simon (Duco Digital do not charge mandatory ongoing monthly fees), we also provided him sector research with keywords, social media training, key competitor websites for him to monitor,  training on how to use the website, what content to post and when, along with recommendations for future growth such as incorporating e-commerce and client appointment booking solutions to help him develop and grow his business.

"Without their support I have no doubts that my site would be in the dark recesses of the internet."

Simon said, "Having a level of knowledge in IT I was able to construct my own website, but without the support and knowledge of Duco Digital my website would not have been found.
Google search results for Telford Counselling showing Simon Dowling Counselling on page one of Google
Learning the importance of running social media along side my website has been a learning curve for me, although enjoyable. Keeping my site updated with relevant content has moved it from not being listed at all to currently showing up on page one of Google for a relevant search query. Seeing this is very encouraging and exciting.
Working with Darren and Matt at Duco Digital is very enjoyable, they are very friendly,  approachable and have a vast knowledge of how the internet and social media connect in moving my website to a prime position on a par with my competitors.
Without their support I have no doubts that my site would be in the dark recesses of the internet."

We are delighted to have been able to support Simon in his new venture which can be found here.

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Darren Winter