Training a North Yorkshire Business to Find Customers on Google and Social Media

Darren Chandler Osteopath standing outside Kirkbymoorside Natural Health Centre

No business can solely rely on word of mouth or passer-by trade, so you have to invest in marketing. However, even with restricted tools and a small budget, there is a lot you can do to improve how you market your business.

Darren Chandler is a qualified Osteopath, which is a natural approach to stretch, massage and manipulate your muscles and joints. Darren specialises in treating clients suffering with problems such as low back pain, arthritis, knee and shoulder pain, in and around Kirkbymoorside and Stokesley.

He came to Duco Digital as he wanted his website and social media presence overhauled to acquire new customers and build sales.

We were able to help Darren make his Osteopath business more visible online by initially optimising his website. His website host and provider provide only limited options i.e. no buttons or limited options to insert assets, such as videos and images, however we were able to still make a big impact on his website. 

The optimisation involved re-configuring the header and footer navigation menus to make it more user friendly, refreshing website content with updated information and appropriate hyperlinked call-to-actions (CTAs), content laid out with appropriate H1, H2 and H3 tags, relevant meta title headings and descriptions with sector-researched keywords, alt text for images (best practice recommended by Google for partially sighted users) and SEO site and page descriptions; all of which are required to help Google display the website in relevant user searches.

After optimising Darren’s website, we delivered a programme of social media training to help extend his audience reach on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, scheduling posts with a mix of creative and engaging copy and content with images and video, using tools such as Canva and Adobe Spark.


The website optimisation along with social media training has given Darren new insights and knowledge into understanding his existing audience, empowering him to grow his business in order to extend his audience reach. He now plans to develop a series of informational videos promoting the benefits of Osteopathy.

Darren says: "I first notified Darren when I was considering publicising our business on social media.

Having no previous experience in social media, Darren not only took me through the designated training course but come back to address my website. Darren spent additional time changing my website that has transformed the image of my business. The result is a notable increase in business of not only new patients, but previous ones from years gone by who had forgotten about us. 

It's a cliche thing to say but I would highly recommend Darren and Matt. They've spent extra time in not just taking me through a standard educational program for social media, but have gone out their way to tailor make their material for my particular field. They've done this by researching different osteopathic websites, social media pages, the demographics of the areas I work in and most importantly seeing what works and what doesn't. I've received messages from them last thing at night and first thing in the morning addressing my individual enquiries. 

As a small business themselves, Darren and Matt not only have a skill set but are motivated to build their own business by building others"

We are excited to be able to help Darren improve his online presence on Google and social media. To contact Darren Chandler Osteopathy for an appointment, please visit his website.

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