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Consultancy Service

A Flexible Resource to Grow Your Business


Working alongside you, we provide inspiration through insights, ideas and strategies for your business. Our flexible approach means we can work as part of your existing management team or single point of contact, on an immediate, short or long term basis. Contact us for information and to understand more about how a strategy will help your business.

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Marketing Strategy

An accurate and detailed marketing strategy will bring focus, clarity and a clear path to deliver a competitive advantage; a ‘must-have’ for any growing company or new business. Elements can include a SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis, market research, sector analysis, effective strategies and budgets.

We take a personalised approach by understanding your business aims and objectives, listening to your challenges and offering directions and solutions to empower your company to make informed and confident decisions.

Business Communication

Fostering and building relationships is recognised by business leaders as a key skill for business owners. Poor communication and clarity with internal and external contacts can be detrimental to the company success and employee motivation. However, effective communication can create a quality working atmosphere and morale for your team, improving efficiency and attracting and retaining customers and suppliers.

We will show you how to network effectively at business functions, how to use and be aware of appropriate facial and body language, use open and closed questions powerfully, and how to positively talk about your business to help you secure an opening.

Our seminars cover the etiquette of personalisation, use of appropriate terminology and keywords, how to sell effectively and not be pushy, as well as using powerful tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator to carefully target and segment your audience to help achieve KPIs. Get in contact for more details

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Mystery Shopping

Ensuring your customers consistently receive excellent customer service, is a guaranteed route to building loyalty, trust and building a reputable business which customers will shout about. As experienced mystery shoppers for over 10 years, we can identify pinch-points in your service, which when resolved, will help you deliver a seamless experience to delight even the most discerning customer.