Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: October 1, 2017

How does Duco Digital work?

Please read an overview of how Duco Digital works here

When will I see results?

We encourage all businesses to integrate social media communication as part of their overall business plan/marketing strategy. If you need advice about this, please contact us. 

During the signup stage, we will invite you to tell us more about your business and expectations. It is important to fill out this questionnaire with as much detail and honesty as possible, as this will enable us to deliver the best service possible for your business. 

We offer a range of flexible solutions and as your business grows your business expectations/needs will naturally change; simply let us know at any time and we can adapt our service to reflect your requirements. We do not make any promises you or your business will achieve results, with or without a timeline, however, we take an ethical approach to positively promote your business and encourage engagement based on our research from the information you provide.

What content will you promote about my business?

From the information you provide about your business at the registration stage, we will research your business and sector and curate inspiring and engaging content. We actively encourage businesses to regularly submit information to us with details of upcoming events, offers, promotions, competitions, pictures etc.. Please allow 48 working hours to plan and schedule*.
Details of how to do this are provided during the registration process, otherwise please get in contact with us

What can’t be posted?

Any content submitted to Duco Digital that breaches the terms and conditions of the social media channels' will not be posted.  In addition, Duco Digital will not knowingly post anything that breach the social media channel's terms and conditions. Please refer to our terms and conditions under 'Your Conduct' for a more comprehensive definition.

At Duco Digital, we believe plagiarism (copying/using) someone else’s work without permission is unfair, not to mention illegal. Therefore for the common good, any media supplied to Duco Digital from you or any of your nominated representatives must be your legal property, including and not limited to logos, images, video, artwork, etc. If in any doubt, a useful webpage which covers many of the questions about copyright rules can be found at  Please note, you are wholly (and legally) responsible for any and all media provided to us. We will share media you supply to us on your social media channels on the understanding you have the legal right for us to do so. We have the right to refuse to use any supplied media to us which we believe our customer does not own or have the legal right to share. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

What if I don’t like the messages or wish to change them?

All social media channels allow posts to be deleted. If you wish a post to be deleted or amended please let us know as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that the longer the duration a message is on display, there is an increased chance the message will shared with other users which cannot be removed. Please be assured your satisfaction is at the heart of our business and we endeavour to positively promote your business and encourage engagement based on our research from the information you provide.

What happens if someone posts an unhelpful or derogatory comment?

We will regularly check comments and notifications for you in the event this may happen.

Any engagement posted that we become aware of which breaches the social media channel's terms and conditions will be reported and/or deleted, depending on the channel’s available tools to carry out this action.

With negative or unhelpful comments that do not breach the social media channel’s terms and conditions, Duco Digital will create a standard response acknowledging receipt of the comment and a request for contact details. We will then pass these comments and contact details on to you or a nominated person at your business for you to respond. Following best practice, it is important not to delete negative and un-helpful comments at first sight, as this could inflame a situation further. If your business is aware of a potential media crisis that will attract media attention (local or national) please inform us immediately.

Who responds to customer enquiries/comments received on social media?

Duco Digital will respond to customer queries and comments (relating to social media) using our knowledge of your business. For specific enquiries and/or potential custom, Duco Digital will ask for contact details of the customer and refer this onto yourselves. Duco Digital will handle a reasonable number of social media queries and comments. If a larger amount of customer interaction is required we will request you either increase your plan or handle the enquiries/comments yourselves.

Do you buy followers?

Here at Duco Digital we firmly believe in organic growth; we never buy followers. It is important that customers who follow you are interested in what you have to offer as a business; these followers are potential customers. Buying followers can do irreparable damage to your business and those followers will never engage or purchase. 

What languages can be used?

Our primary language is English, however you are welcome to submit content in a different language for us to post on your social media accounts along with specific times and dates the messages need to be communicated by. Please allow 48 working hours notice for these posts to appear.*

My business is not in the UK, can I use Duco Digital?

Yes! this is an extremely effective way of using our service; especially if you wish to target an English speaking audience to engage with your business in a different country.

Please note: Government restrictions in some countries prevent users from accessing certain social media channels. In this situation, we can supply screenshots to supply as proof of your active social media accounts. Should this service be of interest, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Apologies, Duco Digital is not currently available to businesses in USA and Canada; applications received from these countries will be refunded.

What method of payment and currency do you accept?

Our secure and trusted payment partner - Stripe, accepts payment with Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit and debit cards in GBP (Pound Sterling), USD (US Dollar) or EUR (Euros) on a recurring subscription. Please note prepaid debit/credit cards are not accepted.

Apologies, Duco Digital is not currently available to businesses in USA and Canada; applications received from these countries will be refunded.

Can I close or suspend my account?

Although we will be sad to see you leave, all customers have access to their account page where you can change your plan, suspend, or close their account at any time. Please make a note of your recurring billing date in order to make any changes before your next payment is taken.

What happens to my social media accounts if my card has expired or payment is declined?

We have planned a buffer of 3 working days to avoid interruption of service. Stripe will contact you via email to make alternative payment arrangements if there is payment problem, otherwise please contact us and we will do our very best to help.

Payment security

For your security, all credit and debit card payments are processed by Stripe through Chargebee.
Chargebee and Stripe are ISO 27001: 2013 certified and PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Providers. (PCI DSS) is a set of policies and procedures that have to be followed by the organisations that process, store or transmit card data. The PCI Security Standards Council is governed by the five major payment card brands - American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard, and Visa Inc.

Payment options

Currently we accept credit and debit cards which are processed by Stripe in GBP (Pound Sterling), USD (US Dollar) or EUR (Euros) on a recurring subscription. If you wish to use another payment provider, please contact us.


We can offer a 10% discount for all students that are in full time or part time education. Please contact us for a voucher code. The account holder's subscription must be tied to a College or University email address.

From time to time we will post a promotions or offers on our website and social media channels. If you take out a 12 month subscription we can offer a discount of up to 20%, please contact us to arrange this.

*Monday to Friday, UK times.
**Please contact us before processing payment.